Things to remember booking a paperless ticket on the UTS app


Indian Railways has tried different alternatives to enable people to avoid long queues, but none of these are as convenient as booking local train tickets using a smartphone app. That is why the UTS app was launched by Indian Railways. UTS stands for the ticketing system that is unreserved and will only work for seats that do not require a booking. You can’t book outstation trains with unreserved seats through the UTS app, but it does the job for local trains.

The UTS app-Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Secunderabad-allows you to book paperless tickets in the following cities. For book paperless tickets, you need to be within 2 km from the origin station. The UTS app requires ticket location access. Whether standing on the railway track or inside a train, you can’t book paperless tickets. This sometimes worked for us because GPS is not entirely accurate, but in most cases, when you’re inside the train, the app won’t let you book a ticket. It is possible to access paperless tickets offline. You can use the UTS app to show these to the ticket inspector. If the battery on your mobile is dead, it’s pointless to book your ticket on the UTS app. Before riding on commuter trains, remember to charge your phone. Without giving the UTS app access to the location of your phone, you can book paper tickets. You should print the ticket at the railway station’s ATVM kiosks. If you do not print the paper ticket booked through the UTS app, you can be charged. The ink on the tickets printed at kiosks tends to fade pretty fast, so we strongly advise you not to book printed season tickets through the UTS app. Quite a few of the railway station ATVM kiosks are not running, so you don’t want to be caught in a situation where you can’t print your ticket.


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