Share files between Windows and Android using Your Phone Companion


Transferring files from your Android smartphone to your Windows PC, or vice versa, used to be a tricky affair earlier. You connected your phone to the PC via a USB cable, looked over the file system till you found what you were looking for, and then copied with the hope that nothing disconnected or hung in the process. Alternatively, you used the slow file transfer process to share files over Bluetooth, after first pairing the two devices. Thankfully, with the evolution of apps, this process of sharing files from Android to a Windows device has become an easier affair.

Install the Your Phone app or Windows and Android. Feed-in your country code and cell phone number in the Windows app. You will receive a text message with the link for the Android app. Download the app from Google Play using the link. Once installed, click Connect my PC. Sign in with your Microsoft account on both the Windows and Android App. On the Android device, allow all permissions and say Yes to Ignore battery optimizations if so desired. Open the Your Phone app on your Windows 10 machine. You will be able to access Recent Photos and Text messages.


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