Record WhatsApp Calls on iPhone using a Mac


Make several WhatsApp calls throughout the day because these are more reliable than phone calls. Recording phone calls is essential for us especially when we’re interviewing people over the phone so figuring out how to record WhatsApp calls is important for us. Let’s cut to the chase: recording WhatsApp calls is far from straightforward. In fact, despite the hours we poured into researching this, we didn’t find an easy method to get this done.

Connect the iPhone to a Mac with a lightning cable. Select ‘Trust this computer’ on the iPhone, if this is the first time you’re connecting the two. Open QuickTime on the Mac. Under File, choose New Audio Recording. Next, to the record button in QuickTime, click the arrow pointing downwards and choose the iPhone. Hit the record button in QuickTime. Using the iPhone, call your phone via WhatsApp. Once you’re connected, hit the add user icon. Then select the person you want to talk to. This will begin your conversation with the person whose call you want to record. Disconnect the call once it’s complete. Stop the recording in QuickTime and save the file on the Mac.


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