Mute Voice Chat and Mic in PUBG Mobile


PUBG Mobile is all the rage right now, but we have heard many people complaining about random chatter in the game. This happens with every multiplayer game, where some people keep their microphones on and broadcast their voice to all, which annoys many people. Chatter from other people can often distract you in PUBG Mobile and ruin a perfectly good game.

Start a match in PUBG Mobile. This can be in any mode, including a sandbox. On the top-right, under the gear icon, tap the speaker icon and select the mute icon. You can choose Team instead of mute if you only want to hear what your team is saying. This only works if you are in a team game. If you select All you can hear everyone else who’s playing. Tap the microphone icon which is below the speaker icon. Tap the mute icon. Instead of mute, if you select Team, your teammates will be able to hear from you. If you select All, everyone can hear what you say.


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