Check PF balance via missed call


Provident fund (PF) is a benefit many Indian companies provide to their employees. Usually, a portion of your salary is deducted and deposited in your EPF (Employees’ Provident Fund) account. Companies often match this contribution, which means that if Rs. 1,000 is deducted every month from your account as PF, then your employer will also deposit Rs. 1,000 in your account, doubling your PF balance. This small monthly amount adds to your PF balance and becomes your safety net in the long run.

Make sure you activate your UAN. Wait for six hours after activating UAN for your account to get activated. Make sure you have integrated KYC (Know Your Consumer) details against the UAN. This means either your bank account number, Aadhaar, or PAN has to be linked to the UAN. If this isn’t done, you should speak with your employer to get this done. After you have completed these two steps, give a missed call to +911122901406 from the phone number registered against your UAN. The call will automatically get disconnected after two rings. Now you will receive an SMS with your PF balance.


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