Activate DND on Vodafone


DND or Do Not Disturb is an essential service for everyone who has a mobile phone connection in India. If you have an active SIM card in India, it means that you are getting lots of spam messages and calls from telemarketers even though you never signed up for these in the first place. This can be reduced to some extent by activating DND.

Go to Vodafone’s DND page. Enter your name, email address (as registered with Vodafone), and Vodafone number. Under Full DND, select Yes. Enter the captcha text and click Submit. Send START 0 in an SMS to 1909. This will activate Full DND on your Vodafone number. If SMS is not an option, you can make a phone call to get this done. Call 1909 and follow the IVR prompts. This will activate DND.


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